EDITORIAL: Plastic bags solution must be provincewide

Municipalities like Victoria need to work with other local jurisidictions

  • Apr 20th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Retail theft not a victimless crime

Chasing down of Langford store thief prompts discussion of theft in general

  • Apr 20th, 2017

EDITORIAL: B.C.’s new high heels law a sensible solution

Now that legislation banning the forced wearing of high heels in the…

  • Apr 11th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Mutual respect a goal for Choices and View Royal neighbourhood residents

The next nine months will offer choices for all

  • Apr 7th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Rock the Shores could be a big loss

Some creativity required to keep society out of the red

EDITORIAL: Transit funding is just a start for the West Shore

A $1.63 million funding announcement from the province might sound nice, but it's merely a short-term solution.

Royal Bay Secondary presents Urinetown


Groundbreaking ceremony at West Shore Village


Neil Montgomery, Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame


West Shore R.F.C. Div. 2 vs. Nanaimo Hornets


EDITORIAL: Sewage plant feeds tax hikes

While West Shore municipalities work to finalize their 2017 budgets, there's a few items contributing to tax increases

EDITORIAL: Province must find class funding

The expression, you can pay me now or pay me later, sprang to mind when we heard SD62 must purchase 28 portable classrooms.

  • Mar 21st, 2017

EDITORIAL: Goose trail safety a complex issue

Additional lighting in Colwood and elsewhere may be just one solution