Vehicles should be taken away

One Langford resident wants to see vehicles taken away from aggressive drivers

RE: Angry drivers not any faster (Editorial, Aug. 28)

There have been countless incidents on our roads that have produced frightening experiences and/or led to collisions.

There have been countless advertisements and warnings in all forms of media. These warnings on TV are just treated by a lot of people like another beer commercial, it’s just on until their show returns, or skipped over in the newspapers.

Some people with bad/aggressive driving habits are probably in self denial and blame their outbursts on other drivers.

Driving fines, even if raised, will not lessen bad attitudes. Giving out tickets is done after the crime has been commited, so that doesn’t work. As children, when you did something you were told not to do with your bike, it was taken away for a period. Gee, no bike for a month! Bingo, no bike incidents for a month. Therefore, if drivers cannot behave on public roads, and get caught, I say take the vehicle away for a month, plus suspend the guilty person for the same period so they cannot use another vehicle. Should they then be found driving during that period, it’s off to the crowbar hotel, ie: go to your room, you’re grounded.

With cell phones now equipped with video capability and dash cams becoming popular, maybe more innocent drivers who are abused by those who need an attitude adjustment, will capture their harrowing experiences and send them to police websites. The police could then follow up with a visit to the perpetrators home to see if they need a ‘time out.’

This problem will only get worse if a solution is not forthcoming.

Ken Levert