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Variety of education stories appreciated

Gazette reader takes time to show gratitude for highlighting aspects of education system

I want to thank the Goldstream News Gazette for all of the articles they have done this year on West Shore education.

I appreciated the explanation of how the graduation percentages are not really accurate and why, highlights on specific schools like WestShore Centre for Learning and Training, showing dedicated teachers spending their own money to make the learning engagement and environment a place our children want to be and updates on the new schools.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old saying, but it still holds true today. The schools need a community to participate in fundraisers, be guest speakers/presenters and give options for field trips to give our next generation a rounded view of the world they live in.

They won’t just live in a community, they’ll be responsible for it and we want them to understand and appreciate it.

Life is a taste test and school is the beginning.

Parent volunteers on all of the school PACs and the Sooke district PAC really see firsthand the importance of schools and the greater community working together to help manage budgets and make decisions that will be the best for their individual schools. But unless you are involved in the PAC meetings, the average person can’t begin to realize all that makes a school function.

The articles you’ve published this year have been a great help to educate our community. I look forward to more articles.

Haleen Roberts, Colwood,

president, WestShore

Centre Advisory Committee

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