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Uncontrolled dogs a nuisance in parks

Highlands resident ready to take action on park strolls

Re: RCMP and CRD team up for parks safety (Gazette, June 12)

I was happy to see Mike Davies’ article. As a frequent walker in parks, I was especially relieved to see the Capital Regional District’s reminder that “dogs must be on a leash at all times within parks from June 1 until Sept. 15.”

I am also very fond of well-trained dogs and recognize their need for exercise and discipline.

It is unfortunate that some people don’t take the time to train their dogs to obey safety commands. Those dogs are allowed to bark at, snap at and jump on strangers who often find those behaviours terrifying.

From now on, I will report all incidents of dogs jumping on strangers in parks to the CRD by calling 250-478-3344. I’m looking forward to seeing the police out on their bikes on the trails. Thank you for your efforts to keep our public parks safe places for all to enjoy.

Jan Daniel


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