Time to rein in government spending

High-level bureaucrats being overpaid for the work they do

Our politicians spend millions of dollars on unnecessary things that the vast majority of us do not want our money spent on. What benefit is there for the majority of Canadians? As taxpayers, we have some obligation to help some of the Crown corporation companies.

The problem we have is the wages being paid out to certain management. Why are we being stuck with paying so much for the CEOs? Who makes the decisions to pay out such wages using taxpayers’ money?

That being said, it’s time to end this exploitation, corruption and greed by senior public servants. It is time to take control of these overpaid, underworked employees.

Come to think of it, perhaps it’s a good thing that these people aren’t putting in 100 per cent each day. If they worked any harder, they probably wouldn’t need half the employees.There you go, I just saved us a couple billion dollars.

I hope that one of these new election candidates will have much better control and knowledge of our spending.

Look at the departing federal politicians leaving behind those who supported them. Who comes up with the figures behind their severance pay and pensions?

Stefan Mieczkowski