‘Simple’ solution to house region’s homeless

One Langford resident suggests solutions for region's homeless

A few people off the streets a day keeps the trouble away.

Why have the homeless here not been asked the question, “If you are expecting something from the taxpayers, what have you contributed back to society?” Many of these people speak English very well and they don’t look sick. All of them are at the age of productivity.

The healthy ones need to be separated from the “challenged” ones. This would be the best first step, and the healthy ones should be taken off the streets by force. Why? Because Victoria has lots of jobs to offer. To get a home, they need to work for it. It’s about ambition and discipline.

In this country, anyone can make it. You don’t need to cry for them, they are using the system and a majority of us are aware of that. The people in support of this issue should really be putting more effort into making a difference. Supporters, including priests, reverends, politicians, etc. should have had these people under their roofs a long time ago, including churches. Churches are empty at night.

This could be a “permanent address” for some of them. This would be very convenient for everyone and the welfare system. A referendum or survey should be done to see who truly is for and against this current issue, and the results should be published. As simple as it is, the numbers don’t lie.

Stefan Mieczkowski