Rezoning pressure plagues Colwood

Other large-scale projects prompt concern from resident

Re: Municipal democracy suffering (Letters, Oct. 7)

Further to the letter submitted by Ken Gray of Colwood, we too have experienced the “we like high density living” response when calling to voice concern over massive development in our neighbourhood.

It seems the mandate of city management is to push back against input from their constituents with their own tax-producing considerations.

Who are they serving?

We see immense re-zoning pressure on the few small, unique oceanside land parcels presently undeveloped in the buffer zone around the Royal Roads University forest and Esquimalt Lagoon.

One that is very disturbing is the giant Ocean Grove development expansion beside Royal Roads.

This proposal was posted by the municipality on a perpetually open gate facing the forest, so that few knew it was even being considered for development except the councillors.

They are building over one of the last year-round creeks feeding the Lagoon Wildlife Reserve and we had zero notice regarding the environmental impacts of this giant monstrosity.

There is a giant eyesore of a gravel pit in the centre of Colwood that is perfect for high-density development. Leave Painter and Heatherbell roads alone.

Robert Clarke