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No surprise that Langford rejected funding for Lohbrunner Farm

Removal of land from ALR not a good idea, reader writes

Re: Langford balks at funding infrastructure on Lohbrunner Farm (Gazette, March 3)

I do not find it surprising that Mayor Stew Young and Langford council refused to support Lohbrunner Farm’s request for funds to get this property up and running. Mayor and council are steadfast in their wish to have all agricultural land reserve lands within Langford’s boundary removed, so they can “manage it” themselves.

After attending a lengthly evening of presentations just over a year ago, with person after person saying why removing land from the ALR is not a good decision, Langford council stood fast. Asking them to support a type of co-operative or CSA (community supported agriculture) is like asking an oil company rep to head up an environmental organization.

Marria Gauley



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