Management, posties pay needs to be adjusted

Cutting costs at Crown corporation needs to start at the top

Canada Post needs to cut costs from the top. A simple answer to the problem is to eliminate or at least reduce the high-paying manager positions, and lower the wages all around for employees.

Attitudes need to be adjusted, as so many think that they are irreplaceable. There are so many people that would take the job (any position) in a heartbeat for a much more reasonable wage. A more ample wage is $18 an hour for what the workers are really doing.

I truly doubt that there is such a thing as “overworked and underpaid” when working for a Crown corporation or institution. After all, 100 per cent of us have to contribute to those well-paying jobs, whether we want to or not.

The question remains: Who do we need to know to get in to this job?

Stefan Mieczkowski