Make transit fast, efficient

B.C. Transit in ‘crisis’ mode, News, Feb. 18, 2011.

I’m sorry, but enough is enough. BC Transit is just as mismanaged as BC Ferries. Oh wait, Transit’s president and CEO used to be a vice-president at BC Ferries? No wonder.

When they mismanage transit, no big deal — just show up to the trough (aka: property taxes) and we the people will gladly dish out more. Thirty per cent increase? No problem.

You want to fix this mess? Ask the people that ride the buses:

• Create HOV lanes.

• Build proper overpasses.

•  ICBC discounts to people that hold transit passes (incentives to ride the bus).

•  Express buses that run directly from Western exchange to downtown (no stopping whatsoever).

•  Running during hours when needed (e.g. the Sooke bus stops running on a regular schedule around dinner time).

•  More buses on main routes during peak commute times (just look at overcrowding on the No. 61 or 50 during rush hour).

•  Use the smaller commuter buses to meander all over (e.g. the No. 39 route from Western Exchange to Victoria General Hospital) and keep the regular buses for main routes only.

• Municipalities should do roadwork in the evenings, not during prime commute time. If you need to disrupt a main artery during peak commute times, you better pave a detour around it first.

• Lastly, it’s time to start looking at job cuts.

The B.C. government cut 300-plus jobs last year when it ran into fiscal trouble.

At some point you need to cut your losses and move on. You don’t continue to throw good money after bad.

Dave Ford