Libya shows UN needs global police

So the international community is finally taking a stand on Libya with our own government trailing behind to see what everyone else is doing.

I would say kudos to France in taking the lead on protecting the so-called rebels if it weren’t for the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy is lagging in the polls in his country and it might be politically astute for him to take this stand.

It leads me to the conclusion that the United Nations desperately needs a global police force to intervene immediately in the sorts of humanitarian and democratic uprisings that are taking shape in the Middle East without going through the whole political process of every country who may be able to assist.

What is happening there in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria should tell us that this is not a one-off thing.

People there understand that the only way to freedom is to put their lives on the line, and if we are prepared to stand behind the notion that democracy and freedom are worthwhile, then we need to stop worrying about the perception of our political intervention and be there for those people.

Shirley Stirrett