LETTERS: Hospital name a community fixture

LETTERS: Hospital name a community fixture

As a consistent reader of the Peninsula News Review, I struggle to recall any news that there was consideration of a name change to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital in the works.

The SanPan has been a community icon of care for decades to a very broad community of interests, so it would seem to me there should at the very least been some form of public input to the decision to rename the hospital, particularly to a name which most in the region will struggle to pronounce correctly.

According to the article, this decision was made by bureaucrats at Island Health after a unilateral input in which it appears the only input was from WSANEC people and approved by the chiefs of the four local First Nations.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I missed the opportunity to comment. Call it what you will, but my bet is that it will continue to be referred to as the SanPan.

Alex Currie

North Saanich