LETTER: Pickleball players seek a compromise with neighbours

The question needs to be asked: Why is the sport of pickleball that is inexpensive, easy to learn, can be played by all age groups, is fun, makes us laugh at ourselves, keeps us active and during COVID dark days helped us stay calm – why is it a problem?

Noise created by the ball hitting the paddle is the issue. Noise as an irritant not a noise that breaks the municipal bylaws. A noise that does not come close to the decibel level of a leaf blower in our urban environment.

Victoria Regional Pickleball Association members do not want to irritate our neighbours. We are seeking solutions, a dialogue and a compromise – one that resolves the noise irritation experienced by neighbours and one that addresses the lack of court space for pickleballers.

New courts can be built in an appropriate location, not close to neighbours, while one or two new dedicated courts can be added and play at Tolmie continues until the new courts are ready. This can be done within months if the municipality sets this as a priority. Would the neighbours work with us to make this happen?

Connie McCann, president

Victoria Regional Pickleball Association