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LETTER: Let caterpillars live and thrive

Re: Insects are vital to our survival ( Our View , June 16)

Re: Insects are vital to our survival (Our View, June 16)

Well, here we go again, saying one thing and advising another.

The article points out that insect populations are falling and how that endangers humanity. It fails to mention that caterpillars and other insects are vital food sources for many birds. Without insects, they can not bring a brood to maturity. It is one of the many reasons bird populations are falling

Turn to page A26, and an article advises you on methods of killing off a segment of the insect population, tent caterpillars. Poison tent caterpillars, and as a side effect, all other moth and butterfly caterpillars coming in contact will also die. Destroy the nests and you have destroyed a food source for insects and birds Maybe this is the year to let birds and wasps do the job.

Most years Sooke’s gardens are a drift with swallowtail butterflies by now. How many have you seen this year? Please consider letting all caterpillars alone this year to give butterflies, other insects and birds a chance.

Rosemary Jorna

Otter Point

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