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LETTER: East Sooke radio tower plan best option

Re: East Sooke radio tower plan gets thumbs down from land use committee ( News , Jan. 26)

Re: East Sooke radio tower plan gets thumbs down from land use committee (News, Jan. 26)

I am in favour of accepting the location for the following reasons:

1. If not there, then where?

There is already a tower at this location, and the governing bodies (ISED or Industry Canada and CRTC ) determine what can be erected. Their mandate is to share infrastructure and co-locate towers to minimize the locations of towers.

The proposed location in East Sooke agrees with this mandate because there is already a tower.

It is in an area with no houses in the immediate area. A study was undertaken that shows no endangered species in that area so it is a perfect location by the laws evaluating where a tower can go.

Unfortunately, a group of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people from around the region showed up at the CRD land use committee on Jan 19 and very vocally demanded the tower not be located in the area.

This is not based on facts:

1. No homes within the officially designated radius of the tower 150 meters which is three times the tower height of 49 meters. Enlarging the radius to 500 metres, there are only 3 homes.

2. The output frequency has been determined safe by governing bodies ISED, Industry Canada and CRTC.

3. Mandate to co-locate to mitigate the spread of tower locations.

This is the best location in the area. To turn down this proposal will only mean it will go to another location, perhaps less suitable. Or perhaps ISED (Industry Canada) and CRTC will approve anyway, and all that will be accomplished is a drawing out of this proposal.

What is best for all residents?

This area affects few people as they will not see the tower from close public roads unless they trespass on private property or with binoculars from a distance.

This site is the best location as it is in an area with other towers and is not close to any homes.

Linda Gordon