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Letter: Building boom a detriment to our health

In light of the current building boom, I feel the need to comment.

In light of the current building boom, I feel the need to comment.

Clearly, this undertaking has nothing to do with the health and welfare of the residents of Sooke.

The following are some of the adverse effects of this uncontrolled expansion on our well-being.

1 - Black, oily residue from diesel engine running for hours during excavation and other tasks.

2 - Fine brown dust covering everything outside the house: porches, porch furniture, cushions, plants, trees and shrubs. It also sifts indoors when windows, even with screens, are open. If this dust is everywhere, we are breathing it and may well suffer lung damage.

3 - Noise, from 7 a.m., on frequent occasions, until late afternoon.

4 - Damage to road surfaces, especially Church Road.

5 - Destruction of green spaces, including current and planned building in John Phillips Park Memorial Park.

6 - Destruction of wildlife habitats, especially birds and small mammals.

7 - Plans to push Throup Road to Phillips Road. There are tailbacks on Phillips Road now.

8 - There is still only one road in and out of Sooke. Think of the tailbacks in both directions when all these new units/condos/houses are occupied.

9 - Current infrastructure is inadequate as it is, whether medical services or shopping.

10 - Plans for a so-called permanent music stand in John Phillips Park. This will guarantee sound that transmits as noise to those unfortunate enough to live within hearing distance. It is an invasion of privacy.

We can’t afford to ignore the effects of the above-listed activities that will benefit only a few and cause distress to the many.

L.A. Price


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