High density developments will ruin Colwood’s charm

Resident says city council members should listen to their neighbours

Re: Listen to public, Colwood resident implores city council (Letters, June 3)

I fully agree with Debbie Cotter and her take on Colwood council’s mandate to push through the Metchosin and Painter road high-density development. They are only interested in the mighty buck and high-density living for our naturally peaceful area.

The rest of the disturbing news for Colwood is Heatherbell Road, off Lagoon Road, where continued construction on Ocean Grove will start with big trucks, flaggers and delays. Then there is the three acres of land on Heatherbell, where a developer wants to build 25 houses.

Last week I received a letter from Pacific Landing and they want to build another development on the Coast Collective Grounds and are apparently in the planning stages. This quiet, peaceful area is going to be a total wreck for years to come and who has to pay the price? The homeowners who pay the taxes and voted in the current council members.

We need to make them aware that the amount of vehicles on Heatherbell, Lagoon and Metchosin roads is going to be way more than this sweet, quaint area can handle. If the development on Metchosin and Painter road gets pushed through, our children, bikers, walkers and wildlife will be in constant danger.

Royal Bay secondary will have Grade 12 students driving to school while younger kids will be walking to school. This area is not a high-density living area. It is too far from grocery stores, shops, activities, so we all drive and that won’t change. The air quality and the amount of vehicles on these little paths we call roads will be huge.

Council pushes Solar Colwood, natural forests, natural plantings and pristine beaches, then they become self-absorbed and hypocrites so the city can make more money. They might as well put in paved walkways, a wharf, boat launch and a pub restaurant down at the Lagoon beach to properly care for the Colwood taxpayers.

Why is the communication between homeowners and council so poor? The Colwood city website is so incomplete that one can’t look anything up because it is just not there. I called city hall and they told me that Colwood council loves high density living. Tell the Colwood mayor ‘no’ to high-density living. Tell council that our kids matter and to stop shoving their plans down our throats.

Tanya Clarke