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Electronics the cause of unnecessary crashes

Dependence upon devices not healthy, reader writes

We all know that this current generation cannot live without their mobile devices.

Imagine if all these electronics stopped working one day? Holy smokes. Can you imagine how high the unemployment would rise because of a decrease in the number of accidents on the road – accidents related to the use of electronic devices when driving.

There would not be much work for funeral institutions, ICBC (insurance claims), law offices (criminals’ defence), city workers (road repairs, Malahat, etc.), autobody shops, electronic sales people, and so on.After that there would be some benefit for institutions such as fire department, ambulances, hospitals, police and most of us.

We will have more time to do the things that we should be so grateful for. But this generation, with their electronics, will blame their accidents on the roads and on the weather anyway.

Stefan Mieczkowski