EDITORIAL: Don’t be fooled by mild weather

'Tis the season for cold weather, so don't forget to take precautionary measures

Mother Nature is a fickle mistress.

We had a taste of her icy tendencies recently, but temperatures forecast for this week seem a bit more on the mild side.

While this has some West Shore residents breathing a sigh of relief, and not seeing their breath, others are still longing for that glistening touch of frost and Jack Frost nipping at their nose.

Nostalgic posts on various social media sites – about the snow we had last year on Nov. 29 – are a good reminder of how weather on the West Shore and throughout Greater Victoria can change in a heartbeat.

We all know what could come in the next three weeks, as the official start of winter draws near. So now, while temperatures are warmer, is a perfect time to head outside and check to make sure your home’s exterior is also ready for what Mother Nature may throw at it.

It’s a good idea to check to make sure no leaves and debris have found their way into your property’s drainage system or any other nearby storm drains or culverts.

And don’t forget about those features you cannot see. Make sure no residual water has been left in irrigation systems, and that all exterior water taps have been left open with their water supply off.

No one wants to wake up to an unintentional back yard skating rink, except for maybe those hockey fanatics in the family.

’Tis also the season to lend a helping hand, so while you’re out de-icing or sanding your walk, don’t forget about neighbours who may need an extra hand keeping their property safe for delivery people such as letter carriers and your friendly neighbourhood Goldstream News Gazette carrier. Small acts of kindness go a long way at this time of year. Being prepared, with an extra bag of salt (or kitty litter) on hand, doesn’t hurt either.

Who knows, we may wake up soon to find a dusting of snow on the peaks of nearby elevations such as Mt. Finlayson or Mt. Work, or even on the ground at lower elevations. But it’s more likely we’ll find ourselves needing an umbrella to stay dry.