Dogs need space to run

Re: The dog days are over, News, June 15, 2011

Re: The dog days are over, News, June 15, 2011.

I support concerns about health hazards of dog excrement on school grounds, which is not completely removed by using bags.

E-coli, for example, comes from the excrement of mammals — that’s one of the reasons why people pay for good sewage treatment and clean water.

I like clean well-trained dogs of good size, but don’t understand why people think living in the city is a proper life for an animal that needs to run.

Some people have dogs as personal protection because the justice system is underfunded and courts mismanaged.

Perhaps dog experts could figure out how to train them to be like cats who use litter boxes and pigs who use a corner of their pen. Or perhaps an enterprising dog owner could buy property and charge for use of it, with a dog wash kiosk as an extra.

Keith Sketchley