Columnist taken to task over Victoria city column

Chamber of Commerce CEO backs up work of city's mayor

Re: How not to run your city (B.C. Views, Sept. 28)

In response to this condemnation of Victoria’s Mayor and Council, the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce would like to say that our experience is not Tom Fletcher’s experience.

Mayor Lisa Helps has been steadily gaining support from business leaders for her straightforward, action-oriented, positive and collaborative approach.

It is leading to good outcomes for local businesses and most recently resulted in the city receiving an Open for Business award from the provincial government’s Small Business Roundtable.

The City has created a Business Hub and Business Ambassador committed to building the priority sectors of the economy identified by the Mayor’s Economic Task Force and to making it easier to do business.

It has made a significant ongoing financial contribution to regional economic development through the South Island Prosperity Project.

The City is an actively involved and long-standing member of Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

The mayor and city staff attend our events, and invite our staff and board members to stakeholder meetings to ensure the voice of our 1,400 members is part of municipal decision making.

The mayor’s actions speak louder than Tom Fletcher’s words.

Catherine Holt

CEO, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce