Beefs and Bouquets, Nov. 11

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BOUQUET: A big big thank you to the City of Colwood/Parks and Public Works departments. Safety gates have been installed on the busy Kelly Road entrances to the park and playground. Well done Colwood.

BOUQUET: A bouquet for Langford for the explosion of fall colors. The streets are glowing with gold, orange and crimson trees. It’s so cheerful at this time of year!

BEEF: A big beef to all the people still using inefficient wood stoves and unseasoned wood. I understand that burning wood is cheaper but I also know many people using wood-burning stoves who could easily afford a method of heating that is kinder to the environment. I have lived in several large cities and have not experienced the air pollution that I do here. I think it is time to phase out heating with wood

BOUQUET: A big, big bouquet of poppies to the citizens of the West Shore for their generous support of the legion poppy fund. Your donations help support West Shore veterans, their families, and the community and help promote Remembrance on this, the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

BEEF: My beef is with the cycling community. Cyclists want more and more safe roads to bike and yet the same people don’t abide by the government regulations regarding helmets, or front and rear lights. It is difficult enough to see bikers who choose to wear dark colours while cycling at dawn and dusk let alone during the day. To make matters worse, many of these same cyclists do not wear a helmet and their bikes have no front or rear lights. When you are looking for car traffic before engaging onto the road these cyclists are not visible. This cavalier attitude of cyclists is dangerous. Maybe it is time for the authorities to start enforcing these regulations. At the rate of cyclists disregarding the rules, maybe there would be enough money collected so the government could afford upgrades to roads that the cyclists want upgraded.

BOUQUET: To the kind gentleman who assisted me to my car on Saturday with my groceries at Superstore. He helped me to get my cart over the curb and through the parking lot that was extremely busy. As a senior I appreciated the kind conversation and the help. I didn’t catch your name but wanted to say Thank you!

BOUQUET: A bouquet of roses to the kids who were hanging out at the Colwood Creek Park. You were sitting having lunch on the weekend at the picnic table and it was so nice to see that you cleaned up all your garbage and engaged the younger kids that were nearby on the swings. So good to see the teens still being kids.

BEEF: To the night time construction on Happy Valley and Sooke roads. Really we can’t wait until after rush hour?

BOUQUET: Tons of bouquets to everyone who is tired and exhausted going through this pandemic. I think we all deserve a pat on the back as people continue to be laid off, and put under pressure coming into the holiday season. There are a lot of unknowns and as we move through the winter I am hoping we all support local business so we can continue to help the local economy in the West Shore.

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