Beefs and Bouquets for Sept. 9

BOUQUET: Kudos and many thanks to the CRD work crews who so quickly and efficiently clear the Galloping Goose trail of the fallen trees and debris from the trail after our frequent wind storms of late. Their hard and sometimes dangerous work keeps the trail safe for all of us who enjoy and regularly use the trail.

A HEARTFELT BOUQUET: To Shirley at Victoria Olive Oil for combining laughter along with knowledge of her products and for suggesting some types of delicious balsamic vinegar to help satisfy my sweet tooth. Laughter is such a gift, especially now, during this time of change. Thank you for making my day brighter.

BOUQUET: On Aug. 30 I had an accident with my scooter on Sooke Road near the Royal Roads University property. I was driving in the bicycle lane when I hit a curb. The scooter fell over and pinned me underneath it. I had minor injuries, but I was able to move on. Today, I’m hurting a little but otherwise I’m OK. I would like to thank all the people that helped me. Unfortunately, I don’t know their names but their help was greatly appreciated.

A BOUQUET of edible vegetables and fruit to all those folks who do their best to use their yards in a responsible manner by growing things to eat. I’m talking about everyone who has realized that grass is a waste of space, time and resources (plus everyone who waters their grass uses a gas mower, and manufacturing and using gas mowers releases greenhouse gases).

These people know what it means to be responsible and decrease their share of greenhouse gas emissions and they realize that releasing gas fumes while maintaining grass isn’t kind to the neighbours. Some people in my neighbourhood take great pleasure growing edibles, and it is always a pleasure to walk by and acknowledge the sense of satisfaction they must have, knowing they’re putting their yard to good use. These gardens also give food and resting areas to bees and other pollinators, and to native birds that come to the gardens to hunt insects or glean a few berries.

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