Beefs and Bouquets for Nov. 18

Here are this week’s thank yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BOUQUET: To all the young people who were out on Halloween going door to door in Colwood Estates. You were all very kind, courteous, and totally fun. We look forward to seeing you next year.

BEEF: To the B.C. public service supervisors who won’t let West Shore-based employees use the purpose-built workspaces near West Hills. Why was the space procured and all the hype made when almost no one is allowed to use it other than a select number of “senior” public servants who seem to monopolize the place?

BOUQUET: To long-suffering teachers in the portables at Dunsmuir Middle School. You all put in a great effort for our kids out there and as parents we really appreciate it. How about moving other teachers through these spaces every couple of years or so? The in-the-building staff could learn a few lessons from the terrific bunch out there.

BOUQUET: To the Langford Legion and our West Shore community for the beautiful Remembrance Day ceremony. So many people took the time to attend and be respectful to our veterans. My family and I are so proud to live in such a great community.

BOUQUET: With all the staff shortages these days I just wanted to give a big shout-out to all our local businesses making it work. The other day I was at Cobs Bread in the West Shore Mall. I was blown away when an older gentleman started yelling at one of the staff members.

I have gone to this location once a week for the past few years and the staff is always incredible. She continued to be polite to the gentleman as he continued to be an A$$. I was appalled at this man’s behaviour. I did not speak up for fear it would escalate the situation, but looking back next time I will be sure to speak up. Thank you Cobs Bread and all the other local businesses doing their best.

BOUQUET: A big shout-out to the boys who helped with my kid at West Shore skate park. They were great kids and saw my kid struggling and they told him it was OK and proceeded to make him feel better. Great kids and great parenting. I never had a chance to grab their names but they were around 8-10.

BOUQUET: A big bouquet to Liberty Restaurant that opened recently at Belmont Market. It’s a great new option and staff were very well trained for a new opening. Best wishes on your opening and we are looking forward to coming back.

BEEF: To the grumpy man pulling into the parking lot of Walmart too fast and angry. You were driving the burgundy Jeep and pulled up so fast and so close to my driver’s side I could not even open my door. There are parking spots with lines for a reason.

You looked so miserable I did not say anything but for people who are angry and miserable, maybe just stay home and do delivery.

BOUQUET: A big shout-out to Dr. Erwin at Colwood Medical Centre. With all the pressures on our medical system and years of not having a doctor, I cannot say enough about this doctor. He really steps up and listens. What a great doctor. We need more doctors in the West Shore and it will be sad if Dr. Erwin ever retires.

BEEF: Will people ever learn to turn their lights on when the time changes. When you leave your lights on auto it does not turn your rear tail lights on. Come on people, turn your lights on.

BOUQUET: Had a great time at Goldstream Park this weekend. Everyone at the park was so happy, smiling and enjoying just taking in the scene. I was really impressed with how maintained the park was and how everyone was just so respectful. Getting out of the park was a different story … but wanted to stay positive. Great work to the park staff and everyone doing their part to keep the park in tip-top shape.

BOUQUET: Just wanted to send in a comment: Glenwood Meats, you are amazing. The staff, owners and all the products they carry, Wow, so good.

BOUQUET: Thanks a bunch to Sue Regimbal RHIP (Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner) and staff at Nex Gen Hearing in Thrifty’s shopping area in Langford, for their professional assistance with my new hearing aids.”

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