Beefs and Bouquets for July 1

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BOUQUET: Many thanks to the person who turned in my missing wallet to the Victoria Police in Esquimalt. It was subsequently delivered to me by the Vic PD, totally intact. What a relief.

BOUQUET: To all the businesses putting their staff and customers first. We know that there are people that do work in these conditions all over the world but we aren’t used to it nor do we have the infrastructure. Kudos to all our local businesses. We will continue to support you.

BEEF: A big huge ranting beef to the person who stole my Amazon package in my building on Goldstream Avenue. Now of course I will not be ordering any more packages until I get a PO box. What happened to the honour system? You will get yours…come on karma.

BIG BOUQUET: of sunflowers to the Langford Fire Rescue for spraying the roof of the vaccine clinic at Eagle Ridge Community Centre trying to keep it cooler for everyone getting their vaccines.

BOUQUET: Shoutout to the staff at Six Mile Pub. The food here is amazing and the service is top notch.

BEEF: To all the people who park on the line and think they are better than the rest of us and deserve two spots.

BEEF: Fitness club staff and members need to be reminded that we are still in a pandemic. Please remember the six-foot rule, especially on the floor. If a machine says one person at a time, that’s what it means. If a sign says do not use if someone is on the next machine, that’s what it means. As there is limited equipment in use, please do not sit and text when someone is waiting to use it before their time is up. Please put your garbage in the garbage can, not next to it. Staff needs to maintain these rules and members need to respect them.

BOUQUET: To the line painter at Royal Roads University for transforming the crosswalks into beautiful rainbows and creating so much beauty. I am filled with gratitude every time I see it.

BEEF: To those few individuals who don’t know how to properly wear a mask during this pandemic: your mask should cover both your nose and mouth, not just one of them. The most recent instance I saw of this was two men at a local grocery store. Neither had the good sense to have their mask covering both nose and mouth. Guess they left their brains at home.

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