Beefs and Bouquets for Dec. 9

Here are this week’s thank yous and gripes about happenings in and around our West Shore community:

BEEF: To make shared biking/walking trails enjoyable for all, please keep right, so there is room for bikes to pass. Imagine a white line down the centre of the trail, and please keep within one side depending on direction. No need for yells or bells when keeping right. Thank you.

BOUQUET: A big thank you to Happy Holidays Christmas Tree Company for setting up shop in the Happy Valley neighbourhood. There is always a great variety of Christmas trees, a lovely little market with handmade gifts and, along with Santa being there, the staff is super friendly and helpful. We love being able to walk over, pick out a tree and carry it home.

BOUQUET: A big bouquet to Scott at the Telus store in the Westshore Town Centre. He was so kind, caring and willing to help. He made my day. Thank you Scott for being so professional.

BOUQUET: A Big shout out to the IEOA for the great display of trucks in the parade this weekend. To see how this group of truckers come together and put in the time and money to decorate their trucks for a food drive is heartwarming. My family really enjoyed it and the crowds were amazing!

BOUQUET: We would like to say a huge thank you to the City of Langford for their Christmas spirit. The town centre looks amazing and we had a chance to watch the carriage rides this weekend and it was just beautiful.

BEEF: A big piece of raw flank steak to the car that cut me off in the intersection of Veterans and Goldstream. Do you not realize you can’t change lanes in an intersection? You almost took my front end off. This idiot was driving a black Ford F150 jacked up. Take a driving lesson!

BOUQUET: For the staff working at Costco this weekend. Thank you for being pleasant and speedy in the lineups. I was in and out in no time during one of the busiest times of the year. Keep smiling and keep the lineups running smoothly. You all deserve a pat on the back!

BOUQUET: To Brooke Ervin for everything she is doing for the community this holiday season. Working with 98.5 to get donations for families in need is incredible. After everything you and your family went through and the way you are paying it forward really is a true testament to you and your family and your huge hearts. Also dressing up like the Grinch and running through Walmart made us all laugh. It was hard to believe that the staff at the Langford Walmart did not even blink an eye. We were killing ourselves. What a great way to show your holiday spirit! From our family to yours: thank you for being such great people!

BOUQUET: Thank you to the Colwood Fire Department. Not any reason this week other than my boy looks up to firefighters and what they do in the community. Every time we pass the fire hall on Metchosin Road he gets so excited to see if the trucks are out. You all do so much for the community my boy just wants to say merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

BOUQUET: The Goldstream News Gazette would like to give a big thank you to all our carriers coming into the busy holiday season. The kids that get out every week and deliver the paper are amazing. They have such a passion for their routes and know more than ever how important it is to be getting the community news to the doorsteps of our community. These kids are truly good kids and every week we see them get so excited to receive their bundles. Please make sure to thank your carriers this holiday season as these are the kids that are truly making a difference and are really proud of their job.

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