Beefs and Bouquets for Aug. 26

BOUQUET: It is Sunday evening and we are watching a young couple and their young son picking up garbage in the Ruth King schoolyard. I hope you read this, you are both teaching your child a wonderful lesson. Thank you!

BOUQUET: I would like to send a big bouquet to all the carriers who have delivered the Gazette to the Highlands over the years. I always look forward to getting my paper every week. Thank you so much it is really appreciated.

BOUQUET: I would like to give a bouquet to the person who paid for my ice cap on Friday the 13th. I was having a very busy day and was on my way to a friend’s and stopped for the ice cap. You just made my day a whole lot brighter by your kind actions. I will pay it forward!

BEEF: Colwood Parks did come and did clear around the graves only, but have not finished clearing the long grass around the fence lines. It’s still a big fire hazard. What is with them not protecting the citizens and taxpayers of Colwood?

BOUQUET: I’d like to send a bouquet to Zoe and her mom in Maple Bay for when I wiped out on my bike. They helped me up and brought me water and strawberries and a chair. Such caring and kind ladies.

BOUQUET: Jake at Home Depot went above and beyond to help my daughter and I figure out how to build a catio for our cats. We walked in with a penciled sketch and a vague idea of what we were trying to accomplish and we walked out with all the supplies we needed and a foolproof plan. It turned out perfectly and we could not have done it without him.

BOUQUET: Thanks to First Responders I live a charmed life. For the second time in 10 weeks I needed emergency attention and care. Fire and ambulance crews responded on the first occasion to save my life when my heart rate slowed to 15 beats a minute. Then more recently I flew off my bike when I hit a rock in front of Home Depot. Fortunately, Nurse Jane quickly attended to me, calmed me, assessed me and ensured an ambulance was on the way. And a kind man provided a first aid kit. All of these first responders, professional and Samaritan ensured I am still here. Thank you all from the bottom of my still beating heart.

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