Ancient trees considered sacred


Re: John Horgan has done a good job as premier (Letters, June 17)

Well, since letter-writer Greg Klem asked, even “old half-dead” trees are considered sacred in many cultures.

Ancient trees are venerated around the world. Japanese, whether Shinto or not, revere old red pines; Banyan trees are revered in at least three Asian religions. The Egyptians have always revered sycamores. The Celts of Ireland had a reverence for oak trees. And to this day the Latvians revere old oak trees whatever their condition.

Indeed, grand oaks – and especially those still living from before the invasion of the Teutonic Knights in Baltic lands – are featured in special calendars and visited for not only picnics and photo opportunities but for weddings and saying of quiet prayers.

If visitors are not given access to old-growth groves on Vancouver Island these days because of picket lines, then obviously that is the price to be paid until this issue is clearly – and I do mean clearly – settled.

Andy Neimers


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