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Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Mobile Home Park Security Act this is a notice of disposition of property.

Tenants : Darlene Sawyer and Doreen Grzyb

Tenants: Darlene Sawyer and Doreen Grzyb

Property Description: 1972 Premier Model C-30 Mobile Home Registration No 024963 along with all contents and all items remaining on the property

Address of MH Site: #1-4337 Happy Valley Road

Address of Storage: #1-4337 Happy Valley Road

Landlord: Gary and Danielle Preston, 930 Clapham Drive, Victoria BC, V9C 4G5

The items will be disposed of after 30 days of the notice being served or posted, unless the person being notified takes the items, or establishes a right to the items, or makes a dispute resolution application with the Residential Tenancy Branch, or makes an application in Supreme Court to establish their rights to the items.