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Woman treated in View Royal after mixing cleaners

Chemical reaction similar in nature to mustard gas warns fire chief
A number of common household cleaners cannot be mixed as they create dangerous chemical reactions. (Pixabay)

A woman was injured after mixing two cleaning chemicals in View Royal Wednesday evening.

View Royal Fire Rescue was called to the Shell gas station on Six Mile Road at approximately 5:30 p.m. for a hazardous materials inhalation injury after a staff member mixed two cleaning chemicals.

The woman mixed a Comet cleaner and bleach, which results in a highly toxic gas similar in nature to chlorine or mustard gas.

Fire Chief Paul Hurst noted in this instance the employee was very fortunate that she left the enclosed area when the gas formed. However, she was still exposed to the chemical reaction and suffered some injuries.

She was transported to Victoria General Hospital by B.C. Ambulance Service.

Hurst noted this is a good reminder to read warning labels on cleaning products and to never mix products.