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View Royal fire hall land still up for grabs

Offers are coming in, but no sales agreement done yet
The former View Royal fire hall site on Island Highway has been up for sale for the better part of a year. The Town of View Royal has dropped the price to attract more potential buyers.

It seems the notion of selling former industrial land, even when it’s cleared and doesn’t need remediating, is tougher than it looks.

The Town of View Royal has had the Island Highway property that formerly housed the old fire hall on the market since the middle of last year and has yet to wrap up a deal.

With no takers on the original price tag of $1 million, “We’ve adjusted the asking price,” said Town administrator Kim Anema. He added that offers are coming in for the .162 hectare (.40 acre) property, which is now listed at $890,000.

“The process for an offer requires a lot of due diligence once an offer is put on the table,” he said. “I think we’d like to conclude a sale this year.”

The decommissioned fire hall was demolished last October, while the new hall opened last spring. The zoning on the land was changed to multi-family after the hall closed down, meaning a developer could put up a multi-unit residential building, townhomes or single-family detached homes.

The trend in View Royal in recent years has been to group homes together in strata situations.