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VIDEO: George Jay teachers parade through Victoria to visit students

‘We’re visiting families where they are,’ principal says

The streets of Fernwood, Oaklands and Quadra Village were lined with the families of George Jay elementary school students as teachers, staff and administration from George Jay toured the catchment by bike, by car, by wheelchair and by rollerblades.

“We’re joining other teachers, we wanted to let the kids know how much we missed them,” said Grade 2 teacher Marcy O’Keefe. “It’s not the same doing it from home I can tell you that.”

School has been closed since students left for Spring Break and a return to school before the end of June is still unknown as the province extended the state of emergency to at least May 12.

Given that, the George Jay teachers wanted to connect with students and show their support as families cope with leading children through schooling at home. It follows what other teaching staff have done around the region.

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The showing was impressive, with about 70 people in the parade, as staff were joined by partners and children.

Teachers decorated their cars with the names of the students in their classes.

Melanie Postle, who’s been the principal since December of 2018, played the part of the caboose by following the train of cars in her red Toyota Prius.

“We’ve done a dance party , we’ve done a ‘welcome to our home’ and today, we’re doing a procession through our catchment area,” Postle said. “We’re visiting families where they are.”

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