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Victoria SPCA shelter hopping with abundance of bunnies

22 rabbits surrendered this week
Twenty-two rabbits were surrendered to the BC SPCA’s Victoria shelter this week. Thirteen have been transferred to other shelters while the SPCA looks for foster families. (Courtesy BC SPCA)

BC SPCA shelters are hopping on the Island.

Twenty-two rabbits were surrendered in Victoria this week after their owner wasn’t able to care for them anymore.

“A member of the community came to us seeking help, and our staff have been working to ensure that all 22 bunnies receive the shelter, food and veterinary care they need,” said Breanne Beckett, senior manager for Greater Victoria, in a statement. “Through our Drive for Lives animal transfer program we were able to move 13 of the rabbits to SPCA shelters in Port Alberni, Comox, Cowichan and Parksville, but we still have nine of the rabbits here in Victoria as well as 13 bunnies who were already in care.”

The Victoria shelter has also transferred several of its cats and dogs to nearby shelters to accommodate the abundance of bunnies.

“We are really focused on what the rabbits need to feel safe and happy, including keeping bonded pairs housed together, providing specialized diets and creating areas for exercise and play,” Beckett said. “Half of our dog kennels have been turned into rabbit enclosures.”

The SPCA is seeking foster homes for surrendered bunnies to help with socialization while they await adoption.

It is also seeking donations to cover the medical costs for the 22 rabbits as they are expected to be significant with needed medical checks, vaccinations, and spay or neuter surgeries.

To learn more about becoming a foster home, or to make a donation, contact the Victoria SPCA at 250-388-7722 or email

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