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Underwater blasts coming to Metchosin

DND testing will be taking place over two-week stretch

The Department of National Defence will be making waves in Metchosin for a couple of weeks.

The DND will be conducting tests from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Feb. 12 to 24 at the Whirl Bay underwater demolition range.

Whirl Bay, on the south shore of Rocky Point, is bordered by Pedder Bay to the northeast, Race Passage to the south and Beecher Bay to the west.

Except for those on the water, most local residents will likely not be aware of the testing, stated a DND press release. The exception will be on days when conditions such as temperature, humidity and wind direction affect how far the sound travels.

A bubble curtain will be utilized to weaken water pressure and shock waves, as part of the DND's standard mitigation of the impact of underwater detonation.

No unauthorized people may enter the area and trespassing is prohibited.