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Tent city holds a rally in front of Goldstream Park campground

The group and their supporters crossed the gate without any resistance from authorities

Dozens of members of the Namegans Tent City and their allies protested just outside the entrance of the Goldstream Park campground with taking a stance to “denounce the NDP war on the poor.”

The provincial government reached a decision to give the nomadic tent city group, Camp Namegans, a deadline of Oct. 1 to be out of the park.

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Members of Camp Namegans spoke about the criminalization of homeless people and a right to housing for everyone.

A Camp Namegans member, Devon, said he has lived in shelters in the past and said that cramming five people into a 10-foot by 10-foot room is not a solution. He said he feels safer being part of a community that watches out for one another.

“A lot of us have been cast out by our families, friends, and I guess we’ve found a sense of family, sense of friendship, sense of belonging,” he said.

RCMP and Park Rangers were on site.

Camp Namegans and their supporters crossed the gate and marched down to their campsite and back up to the gate without any resistance from authorities.

A few residents watched the rally and some tempers flared when they supporters crossed the gates, some neighbourhood residents demanding that West Shore RCMP arrest the trespassers.

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