Sangster elementary school students Ben Woodman

Sangster elementary school students Ben Woodman

School fundraising gets creative

Sangster kids seek scrap metal

Sangster kids seek scrap metal

Sangster elementary school wants your metal, any metal.

The parent advisory committee is hosting a fundraiser for the school and it’s collecting any and all scrap metal, including old household appliances.

The school plans to sell the metal to Steel Pacific Recycling for a rate greater than market value for the materials.

“We will take anything a magnet will stick to,” said Sean Kay, marketing representative from Steel Pacific Recycling.

The items donated can be anything from old dishwashers, car rims, bicycles and even Christmas light strings, without the bulbs.

Sue Fehr, PAC fundraiser, said even donations of nuts and bolts can really add up in weight. The PAC will be paid per metric tonne.

“Other places you have to pay to get rid of this stuff, but here it’s free,” Fehr said. “People could even donate an old car.”

The PAC will use the money to help fund school field trips, library books and sports gear.

“People should donate so we can get money for library books and field trips,” said student Maggie Fehr, 8,  who enjoys going on field trips to the pool.

On Oct. 1 and 2 a large bin will be at the school at 3325 Metchosin Rd., where people can drop of metal appliances. Items can also be arranged for pick up throughout the West Shore.

For more information or to schedule material pick up call Fehr at 250-721-3569.

Items can also be dropped off at Steel Pacific Recycling, 307 David St., and entered under the account Sangster elementary school, until Oct. 15.