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PHOTOS: West Shore students rally for 10,000 Tonight food drive

Students, community members gather, sort food donations

Students worked tirelessly Wednesday evening to pick up, sort and count food donations from across the West Shore.

Hundreds of community members, volunteers and students from Belmont, Royal Bay and Edward Milne high schools worked together to host 10,000 Tonight, the region’s largest food drive.

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“[There’s been] a lot of hard work by a lot of different students,” said Royal Bay Secondary teacher Brian Hobson. “That’s been a real business this year – it’s been a collective effort.”

But Hobson added an event of that magnitude takes a village.

“The kids might have been the driving force in organizing the event, it really takes a number of different people to make the night of actually happen.”

Students, parents and volunteers braved the evening rain to pick up donations from West Shore neighbourhoods, returning to their peers with box-fulls of non-perishables including Kraft Dinner, canned food, noodles, cookies and more.

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Royal Bay teacher Kirk MacRae was impressed by the leadership of students.

“To see what they’re capable of doing when given the opportunity is a reminder to let go,” he said. “To see how this event actually gives back and to see the results and how it impacts the community, it just bridges that impact even further.”

All usable food collected on the West Shore is donated to the Goldstream Food Bank.

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