Peeper caught looking into SMUS dorm

A man who police say was peering into the windows of the girls boarding house at St. Michaels University School was arrested Friday, caught in the act.

The 51-year-old Saanich man faces one count of voyeurism after multiple incidents since January have been reported regarding someone looking into windows at the school.

Following an incident earlier last week, a licence plate was noted by a staff member who spotted the man as he was fleeing, and shared the information with police, who quickly identified the suspect.

“The suspect was physically seen by our officers outside of the dorms at the campus, peering inside windows,” said Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen, adding that officers had been watching him.

The incidents have all occurred in the morning hours, Jantzen said, around the time students would be getting ready for school.

SMUS is currently out on spring break, but the school’s marketing and communications director says they were aware of the issue and provided students with advice.

“We have security that’s on through the night, and the kids are being told all the time to keep your curtains drawn,” said Laura Authier.