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Parks Canada says cannabis use is allowed on campgrounds

Smoking and camping will be allowed at national parks across the country
Campers can now put on more thing on their supply list: cannabis. Parks Canada says cannabis will be allowed on national campgrounds. (Pexels)

Sleeping bag? Check. Camp stove? Check. Marijuana? Check.

Parks Canada announced that cannabis will be allowed at national parks and campgrounds across the country, with the caveat that provincial, territorial and municipal cannabis legislation will apply.

In B.C. , cannabis consumption will be allowed in public-use areas, including day-use areas, as well as registered campsites, backcountry areas and trails. It will not be allowed within six metres of playgrounds and buildings, or in campground common areas such as kitchens, washrooms, trails or roads.

As far as any concerns for wildlife and nature, Parks Canada said standard rules apply.

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“Visitor and wildlife safety is a top priority for Parks Canada. Parks Canada is focusing on communications, compliance, and enforcement to ensure wildlife in the park do not become food conditioned. We need the support of all our visitors, including consumers of cannabis, to ensure that wildlife attractants and human food do not get to wildlife,” Stephanie McGlashan, media relations officer for Parks Canada said in an email.

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“Parks Canada is asking all park users to practice safe camping and picnicking practices, obey the camping and other national park’s regulations including keeping your dog on leash, keep food and garbage secure at all times, and also to report wildlife sightings immediately.”

While clarification was not provided as to whether cannabis should be treated with the same security as food, it might not be a bad idea to keep cannabis in a secure place from bears or other wildlife for people who decide to smoke and camp.

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