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Metchosin to officially oppose tower

Telus still seeking sites for better cell coverage

Telus has asked Metchosin council to prepare an official statement on its position regarding the pending telecommunication tower plotted for a property at 4537 Rocky Point Rd.

Council will oppose the tower at the proposed site, said Mayor John Ranns, a position which has the backing of residents.

“That site was totally inappropriate, it’s within a few metres of a densely populated site,” Ranns said.

Council has also instructed District staff to ensure Telus has followed the mandate set out by Industry Canada for the public consultation process.

Telus is finishing up the public consulation portion of the process, said Shawn Hall, Telus spokesperson. “This is a routine and required stop.”

“We’ve heard loud and clear that there this is particular opposition to this site. We want to find a site that gives solid coverage to Metchosin and that works for the community,” Hall said. “We’ve been hearing from literally dozens of people who want better coverage in Metchosin.”

While the current location of the proposed tower has caused an uproar in Metchosin, Ranns suspects residents would oppose a tower in any location within the district.

Telus has been looking into other potential sites for a tower and is open to public suggestions on locations, Hall said.

All relevant comments, concerns and requests Telus receives regarding this tower are documented and sent to Industry Canada.