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Finance options on the table for city sewer hookups in Langford

Residents have just over one year to connect their homes to the City sewer at a cost of up to $20,000
The City of Langford is currently working on bylaws for financing options for those who cannot afford to pay $15,000 outright to hook their sewer up to the City. Thinkstock photo.

Langford residents who still need to transition from individual septic tanks to the city sewage system will have their payment options in place by the time they pay property taxes next year.

The City of Langford amended its sewage bylaw in 2008, making it mandatory for residents to connect to a new or existing sewer by the end of 2019. The cost of connection is between $15,000 to $20,000.

Some more ecologically sensitive properties on Langford, Glen and Florence Lakes were required to connect to a sewer main by May 2017.

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Langford Mayor Stew Young said about five per cent of residents still need to connect their home to the city sewer. The city is currently going through the process of passing bylaws that will allow residents to pay the cost of the connection over a number of years, with each payment being made at the same time that residents pay their property taxes.

Other options the city hopes to present to residents are:

  • Financing through a partner bank with a loan and a preferred interest rate;
  • A complete finance package through West Shore Environmental to pay off over five to 15 years for the entire cost of the hookup;
  • Or deferral through hardship.

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In order to qualify for hardship, Young said residents would need to be facing financial or medical hardship as determined by a city staff member in a meeting with the resident. The city is still working out the details, but residents who defer the cost would have to pay it when they sell their house, including the interest.

“This [hardship] is not for people who have a million dollar house on an acre and a half and they just don’t want to do it,” he said. “You have to qualify.”

Young said Langford staff will bring the bylaws to council around January or February. When property taxes come out in late April and early May, Young said the options will be on the form and there will be boxes to check for people to determine how they would like to pay for it.

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