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Development round-up: Langford considers several lower density rezonings

Residents weigh in on proposals during public hearings for properties on city’s western edges
A proposed development for Loledo Place is part of a rezoning package being sought by one developer looking to build a range of housing on a mix of small lots, larger lots with suites, two-family dwellings and townhouses. (Courtesy of City of Langford)

While the trend in Langford has been to push for densification and taller developments, council looked at rezoning applications recently that related to planned single-family homes, townhouses, suites and duplexes.

The projects that went to public hearing Feb. 7 and are mostly on the western edges of the city. All four received second and third readings. A final decision on each is expected at a future council meeting.

3420 Luxton Rd., 1120 Finney Rd. and 3219 and 3235 Loledo Pl.

The first hearing attracted the most input from residents, an application that seeks rezoning of properties at 3420 Luxton Rd., 1120 Finney Rd., and 3219 and 3235 Loledo Pl. from rural residential to residential small lot.

The applicant, Sean Lubick, hopes to develop a range of housing on a mix of small lots, larger lots with suites, two-family dwellings and townhouses. Lubick had been asked to provide a traffic survey, stormwater technical memo and site plan, but didn’t provide a site plan. He reasoned that the nature of the mixed lots requires flexibility for the developer to change what types of homes get developed.

A stormwater management memo is only for information and a full plan could only be prepared once detailed design work had been completed, added Langford engineering director Michelle Mahovlich.

“I think it’s not fair to ask residents to comment on something where they aren’t given any specifics,” resident Laurie Plomp said, adding the public hearing should be postponed till residents get more information.

Other residents flagged traffic concerns – Loledo Place is a cul-de sac – but Langford has plans to extend Finney Road so it connects to Sooke Road, with the site set to make use of that extension. The city budget said that work should be completed by 2024.

3216 Happy Valley Rd.

The second hearing discussed plans to switch zoning for this address from rural residential 2 to residential townhouse 1, to allow for an 18-unit townhouse development to be built.

The main contention point for residents was the development’s proximity to the Sea Isle Centre on Sooke Road, a treatment centre for people recovering from traumatic brain injuries. In a letter addressed to council, Sea Isle owner Joanne Kent said it was “imperative” the city builds an access road to offset any impacts on Sooke Road stemming from construction.

“I hope that council has a heart and looks to see what we can do for these people, because we’re losing services and let’s try and hold on to this one,” said Langford resident Wendy Hobbs.

The applicant, Gary Lunn said the project should have no impact on Sea Isle’s operations.

Langford Mayor Stew Young reiterated that point, noting the owners of Sea Isle Centre had been looking to sell the property.

621 and 629 Rockingham Rd. (split into two halves)

Two applications were discussed for properties on Rockingham Road. The first would see 621 and a portion of 629 Rockingham Rd. rezoned from one- and two-family residential zoning to residential small lot, to allow up to 19 single-family homes to be built.

The same applicant applied to have the other half of 629 Rockingham Rd. rezoned for a future townhouse site.

The applicant, Dave Smith, said the development would supply much-needed family housing and that while canvassing neighbours, six letters of support were received from neighbours.

Langford resident Mary Wagner asked council to make strides in protecting a swath of mature trees in the area.

“The benefits to the whole neighborhood when there are trees around is huge,” she said.

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Two separate rezoning applications were made for properties on Rockingham Road. (Courtesy of City of Langford)

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