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VIDEO: Cyclist hit by large truck in downtown Victoria

The cyclist escaped with non-life-threatening injuries

A cyclist suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being hit and nearly run over by a commercial truck that appeared to run a red light on Tuesday.

A live streaming video facing the intersection of Pandora and Store streets captured the incident.

Minutes before noon, a cyclist is seen awaiting their light at the northwest corner of the intersection. After the light turns red for southbound drivers on Store Street, a white sedan turns right onto Pandora Street and is followed by the commercial truck. The intersection has a posted sign advising drivers not to turn right on a red light.

As the cyclist started to proceed south in the bike lane, they were hit by the turning truck and appeared to get caught near the vehicle’s rear passenger side wheels as they fall to the ground.

“Once they realized the danger they were in, they took immediate action which takes them out of the path of the truck’s tires and likely saved their life,” Victoria police spokesperson Bowen Osoko said in an email to Black Press Media.

Pedestrians and other cyclists then rush to the hit biker’s aid as the truck stops. Osoko said the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with officers.

While the pedestrian and cyclist traffic lights aren’t visible in the video, the cyclist hit, other bikers and another pedestrian started to enter the intersection moments after the light turns red for Store Street drivers.

Police are investigating the incident and said they can’t speak to fault or any tickets at this time.

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