Covenants required for two Langford projects

Both the Thetis Heights and Secretariat Road townhouse projects have a few more hurdles

  • Jun. 25, 2015 6:00 p.m.

Both the proposed – and contentious – Thetis Heights townhouse development and four properties on Strandlund Avenue in Langford have a few more hurdles to leap before they can be approved by council.

At second and third reading of the zoning amendments for both properties last week, the developers of both properties were ordered to construct covenants before being granted the rezoning they seek.

Director of planning Matthew Baldwin calls the covenants “a small shopping list of things the developer has to do to acquire adoption of the bylaw.”

In the case of the Thetis Heights rezoning, for example, the developers have been asked to create a covenant outlining their plans for realigning and rebuilding the trail leading from the corner of Phelps and Hansen avenues into Thetis Lake Park and frontage improvements to the sidewalks and curbsides.

The prospective developers of the Strandlund Avenue project, meanwhile, have been asked for a covenant promising they will create a stormwater management plan and commit to improvements of the storm water management system as well as another for frontage improvements – curbs, sidewalks and the like.

They will also be asked, according to Baldwin, to commit to improving the multi-use trail that runs along the north side of Strandlund Avenue.

Once these covenants are prepared by the developers, and they are determined by staff to be sufficient and thorough, staff will then prepare a report to council outlining that these things have been done and the rezoning can now be considered for final approval, he said.