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Companies seeking exemption from construction noise bylaw may be charged in Langford

Application fee proposal would see companies charged $500, or $750 for short notice
A worker toils on a construction project on Orono Avenue in Langford. Council will vote July 18 on whether to charge a fee for applications for construction noise bylaw exemptions. (Bailey Moreton/News Staff)

Langford is considering charging construction companies a fee to apply for noise bylaw exemptions.

The construction noise bylaw came into effect May 16 and tightened restrictions on when construction companies could do certain tasks – with most work barred on Sundays and statutory holidays and blasting and rock breaking prohibited on weekends. An exemption process was built in so companies could apply to circumvent those restrictions.

City staff is recommending instituting an application fee to cover extra staff processing time so those costs aren’t passed on to taxpayers. The proposed fee is $500, or $750 is the application is made less than two days before the work is planned.

Langford is set to vote on first, second and third readings of the fee bylaw at tonight’s (July 18) council meeting.

Coun. Matt Sahlstrom, who pitched the bylaw in January, said he’s suffered partial hearing loss due to construction noise near his house the past 15 years, but has seen a marked improvement since the bylaw came in.

“Some of the noise was just unbelievable. We’ve had so many ruined days on the deck, and not just our family, but everybody that lives around this neighborhood. Since the noise bylaw came in, I’ve actually had people thank me.”

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