Bike, walking path sought to Royal Bay secondary

City of Colwood, developer discussing right-of-way

The City of Colwood is on the trail for a safer passage for students to the new high school in Royal Bay.

The City is negotiating with the developers of Royal Bay to obtain the necessary right-of-way to create a pedestrian and cycling path between the end of Painter Road and into the Royal Bay property to Ryder Hesjedal Way, said Emmet McCusker, deputy director of engineering for the City of Colwood.

“We hope to begin the work as soon as possible and are working with the developer to facilitate that,” he said.

The City is also considering improvements to Painter Road and the intersection at Cotlow and Dressler roads. That work will be under consideration by Colwood council for inclusion in the capital budget for 2016, McCusker noted. Cost estimates for the work were not available, as the details are still being finalized with the developer.