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Robert Fraser runs for Langford mayor to make residents’ lives a bit easier

Things he has seen on his walks through Langford urged him to run for mayor
Robert Fraser is running for Langford mayor to try and make people’s everyday lives a bit easier. (Photo contributed)

A resident of Langford for 49 years, Robert Fraser wants to makes people’s everyday lives a bit easier.

Walking and busing are Fraser’s most frequented methods of transportation and there are things he has seen on the ground as a pedestrian that motivated him to run for Langford mayor.

He values public safety and wants to ensure that people can still access sidewalks safely during construction throughout Langford. Fraser said Jacklin Road is a major route for pedestrians and he has seen people in electric wheelchairs use the roadway because sidewalks aren’t always accessible.

Fraser is concerned about the environment and stormwater management around construction sites, of which he said the procedures followed on site are proprietary, but he wants to address them.

He is cost-conscious and keeping added expense low is important to him. For example, he noted he would look for cheaper options for people needing to purchase extra materials for sewer hook ups.

Convenience is something he feels many would value and thinks implementing more public transit and high occupancy vehicle lanes is something residents would value also.

Fraser’s priorities are to keep taxes low, make housing affordable and available to people, and address the issues of transportation as the population continues to grow on the West Shore.

“It’s a concern for me that people won’t be able to work here and live here,” he said.

Fraser addressed the homeless issue, and said that he has compassion for the homeless as many people are a paycheck or two away from being in trouble if getting injured or becoming ill.

“You could find yourself on the street easily, but there are solutions,” he said. “In Finland they put the homeless in housing first and then deal with their issues, and they have found their homelessness is decreasing.”

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