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Your skin is a symphony, and the right conductor can keep it clear

When her own teenagers began struggling with acne, this Colwood aesthetician found her specialty
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At first glance, there seem to be plenty of options for treating acne. You’ll find hundreds of products scrolling TikTok, YouTube and browsing the shelves at your local pharmacy. But having a lot of options is no guarantee that you’ll find lasting relief.

“The many skincare options online and over the counter can leave people feeling lost and confused,” says Judith Hales, owner of Royal Bay Acne & Skin Studio in Colwood. “Some are just trends that don’t really work. Others have been carefully researched and are proven to provide lasting results. But it’s difficult for the average person to tell them apart.”

Hales became an aesthetician seven years ago, and turned her focus to acne treatments when her teenage children began struggling with acne.

“I like to fix problems! So when my teenagers got acne I just got to work and started to educate myself. My ‘beach books’ are never juicy novels, they’re always skin books. But that’s what makes me happy!”

Custom acne treatment

Hales likes to say that your skin is a symphony, and when one instrument is out of tune it messes everything up.

“Every pimple has a different cause, but people often treat all acne the same.”

A symphony needs a director, and it takes time to identify which instrument is causing the problem. Lifestyle, eating habits, toxins, hormones, candida and many other factors can affect acne. As an aesthetician Hales focuses on external factors, and develops custom solutions based on each client’s needs. She also encourages her clients to work with a naturopath or doctor on internal factors which may be affecting their skin.

“I offer people relief. In a few weeks they’ll start to see a difference in their skin, and then we can take a closer look at the root causes,” she says.

Acne buster brings confidence

Finding the right treatment offers more than just smoother skin — it’s a confidence boost, and empowering to know that you’re in control. Left untreated, acne can leave permanent scarring; with the wrong treatment, many products can do more harm than good.

“Keeping the integrity of the skin is so important. If you use an aggressive treatment that wrecks your skin barrier you can end up with dry, uncomfortable skin — and then you quit before achieving your goal,” Hales says. “Sometimes an aggressive treatment is necessary, but there are other treatments we can try first.”

The Royal Bay Skincare Acne Buster Program includes a consult, exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), a custom treatment and mask, plus a custom take-home care kit with trial products to get started on your clear skin journey. There’s enough product for three to four weeks, and clients can expect to see initial results within that time. If they’re encouraged by the trial, they can return for more treatment and product.

“Through education, my clients become experts on managing their own skin. I give people homework! Often people won’t commit to a routine for themselves, but they’ll do it for me because I’m on their case,” Hales laughs.

Find Royal Bay Acne & Skin Studio at 3570 Promenade Cres., Colwood, and online at To make an appointment email or call 250-380-1452.