Award-winning Celtic music band Tiller’s Folly have been making music together for nearly two decades. The trio

Award-winning Celtic music band Tiller’s Folly have been making music together for nearly two decades. The trio

WEST SHORE ARTS COUNCIL: Tiller’s Folly to perform in Colwood

Award-winning trio use music to tell historical stories

With an extraordinary blend of dynamic toe-tapping rhythm and animated Celtic melodies, and featuring the heroic and tragic stories of British Columbia’s past, Tiller’s Folly finds a unique place in the Canadian music scene.

This award-winning trio, dubbed a “national treasure” by the Edmonton Journal, is performing in Colwood on Oct. 3 in a concert sponsored by the West Shore Arts Council.

The three – acoustic guitarist Bruce Coughlin, Nolan Murray on the fiddle and mandolin, and bassist/vocalist Laurence Knight – are innovative musicians-turned-historians with impressive storytelling talents.

“What started as a Celtic group 18 years ago has become much more; it’s a whole new kind of Canadiana folk,” Coughlin said. “The Maritime influence is there, but with Celtic and old-time. There are solos – as in the jazz tradition, some improvisation, a lot of interplay that way – and by adding multi-media we have been creating a new frontier of artistic expression; a bold new movement in progressive roots music.”

This year has been an exciting one for the band, with the release of a new album, cross-Canada touring dates and award nominations.

After nearly two decades together, the unique Tiller’s Folly sound has matured through nine studio albums. The most recent record, Stirring Up Ghosts, was released in two volumes. The first became available in 2008 in celebration of British Columbia’s 150th anniversary and the Simon Fraser Bi-Centennial. This year, owing to the support of fans through a crowd-funding project, the second volume has been released, with 21 ballads and three bonus instrumentals.

Stirring Up Ghosts was nominated for Roots Duo/Group Recording of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. The two-part record is said to be the largest collection of historically-based music ever assembled by a band.

“It is with great excitement that we are hosting Tiller’s Folly on the West Shore,” said Laura Davis, president of the West Shore Arts Council. “It’s just another opportunity for our community to experience this level of professional musical talent in an intimate setting.”

The Saturday performance will be held Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Advent, 510 Mount View Ave. off Sooke Road in Colwood. Tickets are available for $28 at Westside Instaprint, Tom Lee Music, the West Shore Arts Council office, or online at

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