Detail of “Gifts for myself and Others” by Gail Erickson

Detail of “Gifts for myself and Others” by Gail Erickson

Metchosin textile art show promises radical creativity

Show runs through Sunday at old St. Mary's Church building

Add a little more fibre into your art diet.

“It’s beautiful, unusual and interesting what you can do with textiles and fibre,” says Phyllis Lysionek, whose work will be displayed at the 13th annual Consider the Lilies event, which will show art from a collective of 12 female fibre artists. “It’s a feast for the eyes if you are interested in art and textiles in particular.”

Named after the lilies that bloom in the graveyard at Old St. Mary’s Church in Metchosin, where the show is hosted, it has proven a treat for visitors and artists alike.

“It’s always exciting, because we don’t work together, we meet once a month,” the lifelong Metchosin resident and sewer Isabel Tipton says. “You really don’t know what people do until we show up. Eight of the original 12 are still with the group. We have hung in together and enjoyed life and enjoyed pursuing our art.”

A former weaver who had to give it up after her knees failed her, Tipton now uses a sewing machine. She transforms such materials as fake leather and heat-sensitive plastic, to flattened copper and dried seaweed – “anything that my sewing machine needle will go through” – to create her unique pieces.

The exhibit is open through Sunday (April 19), from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, at 4354 Metchosin Rd. For more information visit